Welcome To Wyedean Deli Confidential

You‘ll be surprised how many premium products in Britain‘s top shops originate from the Royal Forest of Dean & Wye Valley.

There is a reason why we have always been good at food and drink. Think about why Gloucester Old Spot pigs make the finest sausage and bacon. Gloucester and Double Gloucester cheeses are heritage food icons. Why there is a fine and age old tradition in cider and Perry making in traditional orchards long since disappeared in other areas? It‘s because our finest Gloucester cattle and other heritage breeds as well as wild boar and venison in abundance, all benefit from this most pastoral of counties situated in an area of outstanding natural beauty. And, despite all this it‘s still regarded as a hidden gem on the tourist trail.

Often what‘s missing in quality local production is character. Not just in the product but also in the producer, and believe us when we say there are some fabulous characters behind our fabulous food and drink. Why not come and meet some of them and taste the difference at the source. We‘ve got great tastings, great workshops and passionate experts ready to help you learn more. In the Forest Showcase, we‘ve also got a great, and rapidly growing autumn food festival. All served up in great cafes, traditional pubs or fine dining restaurants. And, it‘s a great place to stay.